Tours Enjoyed By Kingston and Frank

Kingston & Frank Go Fishing In NZ

Firstly we tried it alone and just fished of the wharf in Russell. Lots of people do it and a few we spoke to caught good Snapper. On the second day at the wharf a boat called 4 Reel cam in and dropped of 5 very happy looking Brits. But before they left the owner sat chatting to the group while he filleted the biggest and most Snapper I had seen since visiting New Zealand!

That was it we were hooked haha. So after the group left we went over and introduced ourselves to the owner and captain of 4 Reel Fishing Charters in Bay of Island - Carl. He is a pretty laid back guy and soon had us enthused enough to join the afternoon trip he had booked; he seemed happy to increase the group size from 2 to 4 with Franklin and I joining them.

We set off just after lunch and Carl explained that the legal size and Number for Snapper allowed per person had just changed. The limit is now 30 cm’s and we are allowed 7 each Ha – still too many for us in our Maui Motorhome. After catching livies (what he called live bait) we headed to the spot he said “guaranteed us a good feed”. After a safety brief and a few instructions as to “what works” we lowered out lines equipped with a “livie” and wam within 30 seconds I kid you not we all had bites and 2 of us including me :-) were winding up our first good sized Snapper.

Needless to say we had a great afternoon and caught way more than out motorhome fridge could support – Carl said don’t worry “I have heaps of people that will happily take what you don’t want. What a day!!! [Edit] last I looked there is a picture of me holding my first Snapper here [End Edit]


Kingston Canoes The Wanganui River

Canoe trip with Yeti

I don’t have my motorcycle licence so I left that for Frank. I briefly thought about taking flying lessons in Taupo, I do want to learn to fly – but it’ll have to wait. But look what i discovered; can you imagine how beautiful it is to drift along through one of New Zealand’s national parks surrounded by amazing native trees, plants and flowers? Well let me tell you that my trip with Yeti Tours in Ohakune was a highlight of my time in New Zealand! I chose the guided tour where they look after everything for you. We did pass another group that just hired canoes from Yeti but I feel my choice was better – you can’t beat local knowledge eh! Also having all your meals cooked for you just makes it feel more like a holiday – to me anyway. I would highly recommend this type of tour, you do not need to be very fit either, most of the time the current keeps you moving. There are a few spots where you need to put in a burst though so you can’t expect an armchair ride haha.


Franklin Does A Motorbike Tour

As I mentioned above I don’t have my licence, however Frank doesn’t like writing so I’ll give you a second hand view of his trip. He chose MCR motorcycle tours to go with because they have older style “cool bikes”. He chose a Triumph T100 Bonneville as his weapon of choice to travel with and left the garden city Christchurch (Hagley park was full of spring flowers) well equipped with a GPS to explore SOME (Its huge) of the open space in the lower part of the South Island. One thing Frank mentioned is the open smooth roads are almost mesmerizing and he had to keep reminding himself that there are risks riding a bike :-). Queenstown was a highlight as was Te Anau – he likes lakes haha.

Anyway once I convince my mate to actually write something; we may get a few more details. Thanks for reading.